Bunbury Prison Expansion

Bunbury, WA

Bunbury, WA Bunbury Prison Expansion

The Bunbury Regional Prison 160-Bed Expansion Project has increased the capacity of the existing prison by 50%. The new block was built within the walls of an operational prison meaning all construction activities were being carried out under strict protocols to ensure the security of the facility was maintained at all times.

The fast-tracked project was a key priority for the Department of Justice and their confidence in ADCO’s experience in delivering similar projects was the main reason for our bid being successful.

The accommodation block was constructed entirely from precast concrete over 2 wings with a central core of common areas, security control rooms and dining areas. A complex and detailed services and security installation, mostly cast into the precast panels, was a complex challenge for our site team to overcome in a short period of time. With security being a priority, strict protocols and procedures for identity checks, daily activities and works methodologies were adhered to at all times.

​The Bunbury Prison Block C project was built to complement the main project, consisting of the modification of the existing prison complex. This upgrade was also a complex and logistically challenging project which required detailed planning and coordination with key stakeholders.

The development now provides additional dining facilities, upgrades to current kitchen facilities, and a new education building along with upgrades to existing services and security installations.

With works taking place over 8 separable portions and with restricted access, the successful completion of this project required detailed programming and attention to detail. ​

  • type

    Construct only

  • value

    $22 million

  • period

    10 months

Working in close proximity to the prison population, ADCO’s work methodologies and daily activities required a level of detail and accuracy above normal correctional protocols.