Our Commitments

Our people are proud to be part of a progressive business that provides a sense of belonging, ownership and opportunity.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

Reconciliation Action Plan

We are committed to a construction industry that builds more meaningful relationships, opportunities and outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

ADCO is a proud advocate for recognition and reconciliation. Through our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, we aim to create a practical and tangible framework that helps to shape positive Indigenous outcomes directly within our own business and indirectly within the wider construction industry.

This framework and advocacy enables our teams to build knowledge, share stories and create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and will help build equitable employment.


Download ADCO’s RAP, to learn more.

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Community Engagement

Community has been central to the ADCO story for over 50 years. We continue to engage actively with charities, community groups and like-minded businesses to create positive impacts cross Australia.

Today our community engagement is underpinned by the Brinsmead Hill Family Foundation with an independent board chaired by ADCO Director, Tom Hill. Every year sees ADCO, its people and the Foundation commit almost $1,000,000 including staff hours, in support of local communities in which we live and build.

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Innovation isn’t optional.
Our future success depends on it.

Construction is changing and we need to change with it. To empower ADCO team members to bring fresh thinking to the new challenges we face each year, an in-house group of innovation champions, NOVUS, was established in 2019.


Drawn from across the ADCO business, they are passionate forward-thinkers who act as enablers, catalysts and change agents, helping to bring world-leading methods and ideas to a wide range of ADCO projects, programs and initiatives each year.

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Diversity and Inclusion

ADCO celebrates and embraces diversity. We want our workplaces to reflect the communities and clients we serve – and be places where everyone is treated equitably, fairly and with respect.

A culture of diversity and inclusion isn’t merely ‘nice to have’. It’s a wonderful asset that brings so much to the ADCO business and our projects. We actively strive to maintain an environment where everyone feels valued and respected regardless of their age, background, caring responsibilities, disability, gender, sexual orientation, social identity or professional status. Read more about our Discrimination and Harassment Policy.


To learn more about ADCO’s inclusion focus, download our Diversity and Inclusion Statement, below.

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We commit to the integration of our environmental social and governance (ESG) framework across our business undertakings.

Our ESG framework generates long term value to our stakeholders including the broader community and the natural environment. We have key focus areas across ADCO business undertakings underpinned by our ESG policy to support our ESG framework to generate long-term value for our stakeholders, including the broader community and the natural environment.


Read more about our ESG Policy, and our Environmental Management Policy.


Download ADCO’s ESG Strategic Framework below, to find out more.

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ADCO is a leader in elevating the status and influence of women in Australia’s construction industry.

Women have a critical role to play in the future of construction in Australia. We are dedicated to providing the opportunities and support for this to happen – guided by the Women of ADCO (WoA) program.

Established by our Chair, Judith Brinsmead AM, WoA promotes national dialogue, leadership and support through a collaborative approach which facilitates social and parental support, mentoring programs, professional development, and career growth for women within the construction industry.


A National Women of ADCO Executive Board – comprised of nominated representatives and senior leadership team representatives from each state, and national representatives including male allies – is a formalised and integral part of the business. A National WoA conference is held biennially, with quarterly meetings held in each State.


ADCO Managing Director, Neil Harding, is also a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador, having taken the Pay Equity Pledge to close the gender pay gap at ADCO and advocate change in the wider construction industry.


Download our Introduction to the Women of ADCO, to learn more.

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We listen to our people and support their well-being and work-life balance.

ADCO Balance is our health and well-being program that reflects ADCO’s commitment to the well-being of our people and is designed to support the mental, physical, social, and financial health of our people.

It reinforces the company’s values and culture, positioning ADCO as an employer of choice that prioritises the holistic health and happiness of our people.


This includes a wide range of support initiatives such as flexible work arrangements, parental leave, a return-to-work strategy, and a digital and leading Employee Assistance Program that provides immediate, 24/7, professional care for safety, medical, and mental health for our people and their families.


Rewarding our people doesn’t stop there, with ADCO Balance providing access to corporate affiliations and the company sharing a third of all profits with our people.

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Modern Slavery Statement

We recognise our responsibility as part of a global supply chain.

Modern slavery impacts millions of people around the world. With projects that frequently call upon international supply chains, we have an important role to play in driving down the risks of modern slavery across borders. ADCO continues to work hand-in-hand with our trade partners and supply chains to ensure our projects are delivered to the highest of ethical standards at all times, guided by our Supplier Code of Conduct. View our Modern Slavery Policy here.


A copy of our Modern Slavery Statement FY23 can be found below.

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