Roebourne District High School

Roeburne, WA Roebourne District High School

ADCO is pleased to be awarded the Roebourne District High School new redevelopment. This is an important investment in the future of local students and the wider community.
The major redevelopment will provide new facilities for the staff and students attending the school. This includes a particular focus on the delivery of programs to engage First Nations children and a design that provides greater opportunities for all staff and students to understand and respect First Nations history, culture, and language.
Works include the demolition of existing school structures in stages, with the construction of a new primary school, cafeteria and cooking block, administration and student services block, dance, music and sport hall, science and library block, high school, language centre, car park, landscaping, and recreational areas.
The new school is being built in its entirety at the existing school site which is located 30 minutes north of Karratha. The school has been operating at its present site since 1961 and its redevelopment will greatly enhance the availability of school facilities to the local families in and around the Pilbara Region.

  • Type

    Design & Construct

  • Value

    $67 million

  • Duration

    22 months