Subiaco Station Accessibility Works

Subiaco, WA

Subiaco, WA Subiaco Station Accessibility Works

ADCO is undertaking new accessible works at Subiaco Station. The project involves; the removal and replacement of two escalators and two lifts, the assessment and certification of existing structural components, and the design, certification and provision of all temporary works required during the removal and installation of the new vertical transportation.

ADCO will be required to increase the size of the structural envelope by extending escalator pits at both the platform and concourse levels to accommodate the new larger capacity escalators.

The project will also add a new escalator control room and fit-out of services (SCADA, CCTV, lighting, and access control).

  • type

    Design & Construct

  • v alue

    $5 million

  • period

    5 months